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Identifying Red Zones

A Right-Wing/Republican Criminal Could Be Closer Than You Think.

We know many visitors to VORRC are concerned about minimizing their risk of becoming a victim of Right-Wing/Republican Crime.

To serve the needs of these individuals, VORRC is developing maps and other statistical tools that will correlate voter registration data with crime figures. When this project is complete, we'll be able to answer your most pressing questions: Am I planning a vacation to a Right-Wing/Registered Republican hotspot? Is there a Registered Republican Criminal living in my neighborhood? How can I make sure I'm alerted when my exposure to potential Right-Wing/Republican Criminals increases?

In the meantime, the map below can give you an indication of where your risk may be highest.

Did you know?

You may be wondering how VORRC can be working on algorithms to correlate criminal record data with voter registration data. Isn't voter registration data private? Actually, in most states, voter registration rolls are NOT confidential, and can even be purchased on disk in database form. Certain areas, like Washington DC, take this even further by releasing all voter information (name, address, party affiliation) online in advance of an election. If you find this problematic, VORRC suggests contacting your local Board of Elections to find out more about the laws in your area, and to raise questions about how these lists might be used for purposes like voter intimidation or stalking.

Featured Map

If you wish to avoid areas in which Right-Wing/Republican persons congregate, your best bet is to avoid the red zones on this map. Purple zones contain fewer Republican voters, but should still be approached with caution.


Map © 2016 M. E. J. Newman

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