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For highly-detailed accounts of extreme right-wing terror, consult the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch.

Suspect Who Fatally Shot Indian Man at Kansas City Bar Indicted on Hate Crimes

June 9, 2017

Death Threats Against Liberal Mayoral Candidate

June 6, 2017

Republican suggests deputizing hate groups

May 30, 2017

White supremacist murders two, injures one

May 28, 2017

FBI investigating Collins murder as White Supremacist hate crime

May 22, 2017

White Supremacist indicted for murder as terrorism, hate crime

March 27, 2017

Right-on-Right Violence: KKK leader arrested after stabbing of fellow Klansman-- allegedly fueled by "Skyy vodka and orange juice" + argument over KKK leadership-- hours before Klan's Donald Trump "victory parade"

December 10, 2016